About Us

At Women in Tech Sales (WITS) purpose is to elevate women within the tech sales community, across the APAC region. Our mission is to:

Celebrate and elevate the profiles of local talent
Support career development through resources and events
Start important discussions in the workplace
Provide networking and mentorship opportunities

Women in Tech Sales


This community is founded and sponsored by Salient. We are a recruitment firm supporting high growth tech firms to scale their APAC presence. Having spent 10 years talking to clients about how to battle the gender imbalance in their teams, we felt it was time to do something meaningful about the problem.  

We champion Women in Tech Sales by celebrating and sharing their career journeys, creating networking opportunities and sharing resources that elevate their professional life. 

Why should I join the community?

Firstly, why not. It’s free, low commitment, and extremely valuable. Learn from leaders in the industry and our valued community through our articles and events, and experience the joy of finding a supportive network. Create connections, find like minded individuals also working in tech sales to elevate your career and enrich your professional life. 



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