2023 SaaS & Cloud Salary Shifts

Post by: Salient Team
Published: 18 May 2023

2023 SaaS & Cloud Salary Shifts – GTM & Customer Success

As a recruitment agency based here in APAC we have worked with a broad spectrum of SaaS and Cloud businesses which has given us a unique set of talent and hiring data. Given the rapidly shifting environment in the tech world right now, we thought it would be valuable to analyse salary shifts across some of the key GTM and Customer Success roles. We have compared data from two periods which represent significant change in the market:

  • Oct 22 – March 23
  • Apr 22 – Sept 22

The data analysed has come from 3 key sources:

  • Candidate placement data
  • Job salary data
  • Candidate reported salary expectation data

It’s important to note when reviewing this data that the average has been taken from a cross section of growth stages and market motions. Whilst growth stages can impact salary due to budget constraints and non cash options such as Stock/RSU’s, salary tends to vary most significantly according to market motion. For example:

  • In higher velocity, less complex motions, salaries are typically below the average point
  • For more complex market motions, salaries are typically above the average point