The Inside Scoop on the Job Market in 2023

Post by: Kacey Canning, Lauren Nugent Isabel Lagos
Published: 22 February 2023

Do you know what hiring managers are looking for this year? Let’s take a deep dive to understand what the job market looks like and what companies are looking for. If you’re a woman looking for a role in SaaS sales, we’re here to give you our expert advice and insights about how to be successful and get noticed in this competitive market.

Read on for the best advice from the Salient team:

●  Kacey Canning, Senior Recruitment Consultant

●  Lauren Nugent, Senior Talent Advocate

●  Isabel Lagos, Talent Advocate.

What the job market looks like right now

Kacey: The 2023 trends in the SaaS and tech job market will look at organisations experiencing more product-led growth, SaaS vendors enjoying a good return on investment as well as more complex tech such as cybersecurity and data. There’s also a shift in focus to selling at an enterprise level and solving real business issues – this is what companies are spending money on. In fact, Gartner predicted 9.3% growth in 2023, which indicates growth potential for SaaS sales.

Lauren:  We’ve moved from an employee-driven market to an employer-driven one. Layoffs and redundancies have meant more candidates searching and competing for roles.

Isabel: We see many top candidates with significant experience which means a high quality pool for employers to select from. This makes for a more competitive market on the candidate side as there a high calibre talent pool to source from.

Corporate trends – what are companies looking for today?

Kacey: Hiring managers are looking for candidates who can adapt well to changes, build rapport with customers, manage longer sales cycles and become strong storytellers in their presentations. They are also looking for people who can generate their own leads. I think the vibe will be all hands on deck for H1.

Lauren: I am seeing a lot of experienced candidates in the market. The experience you need for roles has transitioned from ‘desired’ to ‘required’ or ‘essential’. Last year, for example, there was a candidate shortage so employers were a bit more relaxed compared to current standards.

Isabel:  Shifting market conditions mean a big push today for the right cultural fit alongside skills/experience. Companies understand the right fit translates to longer tenure. While skills can be taught, attitudes cannot be easily changed.

Advice for women looking for a role in SaaS sales now

Kacey:  Think BIG – go for companies that are selling complex tech because the learning and growth potential is huge. Sometimes, that space gets overlooked by women because they feel like they can’t relate to it if they’re changing from a different industry. From the outside, it’s not the “sexiest” product to sell. But those conversations with customers will show you how you’re solving real business issues – that’s when it gets exciting. And there’s a lot of money to be made when you move into a corporate enterprise. If you’re on the fence about new opportunities now, just start having casual conversations with hiring managers so you hear about companies’ values, goals and networks. Do your due diligence – google the CEO, use crunchbase, check out their corporate vision, and importantly, the product market fit. Don’t just accept a role if you don’t believe it will make you successful. And use recruiters who know the industry!

Lauren: Qualify the role before you take the opportunity. If you can, stay in the market for as long as possible until you find a role that suits you. I’ve noticed that hiring managers are searching for candidates with long tenures. If you start a role and then leave a few months later, it could affect your job hunt later.

Isabel:  If diversity is important to you, research the demographic at a prospective company. Look at the company’s LinkedIn page and their Glassdoor profile. Look for reviews that mention your areas of interest as this will provide the most impartial view. Then, if there’s something you’re not sure about, raise it in the interview to see if the role/company is the right fit.

What will help you to be successful and get noticed in this competitive market?

Kacey: Once your resume is sent, connect with hiring managers or HR. Sometimes, resumes can be missed. Also, you’re in sales which means you’re the product. Sell yourself! That might feel old school but it still works. In the interview process, be your authentic self – it’s like dating. The hiring manager will know if you’re the right match. If not, don’t let it get you down. Pick yourself up and go back out.

Lauren:  You need to be driven and motivated. Do your research, get prepared, ask questions. You too need to interview the hiring manager to see if it’s the right job for you. But be confident. My dad always said, “Go in with the mindset that you’ve got the job, it will make you confident. But don’t oversell or be arrogant”.

Isabel: Make your Linkedin profile unique. Hiring managers see people with similar skill sets and attributes so you really need a personal touch. Put your numbers out there. This creates a foundation for honesty and shows you’re forthcoming about performance. Indicate your preferences on LinkedIn. Research a company before the interview – this is your chance to showcase your ability, attention to detail and enthusiasm.

Want to discuss this in more depth? Reach out to Kacey, Lauren or Isabel.