Female Founders

20 Top Female Founders to Watch in APAC

Post by: Salient Team
Published: 24 May 2023

Whilst the tech industry has been heavily male male dominated, there has been an incredible rise in female founders across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. There are so many innovative tech companies coming into the fold with inspiring female founders creating groundbreaking startups and driving new advancements. Here is a list of 20 top female founders to watch in APAC. Women who are disrupting the industry, creating innovative SaaS solutions and inspiring the next generation of females founders and leaders.

Melanie Perkins, Canva

Canva is a web-based graphic design platform that allows users to easily create a wide variety of visual content such as social media graphics, presentations, posters, and more.

Kim Teo, Mr Yum

Mr Yum is a mobile ordering and payment platform that enables customers to order food and drinks from their phone and pay through the app.

Josephine Chow, ShopBack

ShopBack is a cashback reward program that enables online shoppers to earn cashback on their purchases from a wide range of partner merchants.

Yeone Fok, SparkRaise

Headquartered in Hong Kong, SparkRaise was founded in 2015 and is an online crowdfunding platform for impact organisations.

Laura Johnson, Strivin

Strivin provides you with tools to accelerate your career through mentorship and offering learning and development opportunities.

Victoria Zorin, Nola

Nola is on a mission to deliver better visitor experience through anonymised video analytics on visitor wait times and queues, much like Google Analytics but for the physical world.

Caroline Tran, Hello Clever

Hello Clever is Australia’s first buy-to-earn ecosystem to allow customers instant rewards from their favourite brands. It was created to encourage younger consumers to create a healthier relationship with finances and be clever with their money.

Naby Mariyam, Coverhero

Coverhero was founded as way to protect people who are self employed. It has an insurance platform called Hustle Cover that protects anyone in Australia with an income between $500 and $5000 a week.

Lucy Lloyd, Mentorloop

Mentorloop simplifies the process of creating, managing, and taking part in mentoring programs through its subscription-based web application.

Jill Berry, Adatree

Adatree is a technology company that provides organisations with the tools to develop data-driven solutions that benefit the entire economy, thereby empowering Australian consumers to exercise their Consumer Data Right.

Lucinda Hartley, Neighbourlytics

Neighbourlytics is a social data analytics platform that utilises digital data to provide immediate insights into urban life, including the day-to-day activity that takes place within and between buildings, specifically geared towards neighborhoods.

Jeannette Cheah, HEX

HEX is a company focused on empowering the global workforce by building exponential intelligence. Its aim is to assist the next generation of founders and leaders in launching high-impact, globally-competitive companies that generate lasting economic and social value.

Katherine McConnell, Brighte

Brighte has set a clear goal of promoting sustainability in every household. The company’s innovative home energy platform serves as a catalyst towards a brighter future by eliminating the obstacles that prevent Australians from achieving a sustainable home.

Ruby Nguyen, Cureious

Curieous is a technology startup that operates at the intersection of the Future of Work and Social Networking. The company is currently focused on developing Generative AI-powered content creation tools that enable over one billion busy knowledge professionals to effortlessly create content while on the job.

Noelle Smit, Teamgage

Teamgage is a cutting-edge workplace technology that assists teams in continuously improving their collaborative efforts. By fostering effective communication and driving appropriate actions, this innovative solution enables organisations to achieve strategic goals across the board.

Georgia Vidler, Human

Human is an evidence-based platform to capture, consolidate and publish research and findings to facilitate learning about the most effective medical treatments.

Kate Lambridis, Human

Human is an evidence-based platform to capture, consolidate and publish research and findings to facilitate learning about the most effective medical treatments.

Dr Jemma Green, Powerledger

Powerledger is a technology company that leverages blockchain to facilitate trading of energy and environmental commodities.

Charlotte Bradshaw, Evrima

Evrima’s vision is to be an innovative organisation that actively engages and enriches society by promoting clinical trial awareness and participation. Evrima is dedicated to making a global impact on clinical trial timelines and facilitating the advancement of medical research.

Sharon Lee, Asendium

Asendium provides a user-friendly solution to assist with navigating the intricacies of financial advice in the modern era. Developed by former financial planners specifically for this purpose, their solution streamlines the process and allows advisors to improve their clients’ financial standing in a matter of hours.